Paper & Forestry Products 

As a premier provider of service to the forest products industry located on the East Coast, we are specialists in the safe and secure handling and warehousing of all types of paper, pulp and timber products. Our dedicated labor force is specially trained in the proper handling of these products and is sensitive to the requirements of handling high quality coated paper, newsprint, Kraft liner, pulp and all types of wood products. Ongoing training helps to minimize the potential for damage while maximizing efficiency.

We have a fleet of well maintained, state of the art handling equipment that can accommodate all types and sizes of forest products. These include pulp clamps, bale clamps, lumber forks and rotating paper roll clamps capable of handling  from 20“ to 72” diameters, as well as multi pallet handling equipment.

  • 2 million squre feet of wraehosue space
  • Specialized fleet of lift trucks, equipped with 4-way pressure regulators, and the latest technology available for handling forest products
  • 2 Class 1 railroads call direct to our facility
  • Close proximity to intermodal facilities
  • 24 hour access to inventory informaiton via the internet
  • RF scanning and EDI capability 
  • Experienced and well trained work force