Bulk & Breakbulk 

The Port of Philadelphia and the Port of Wilmington are well equipped to handle all types of bulk and breakbulk products.  Our combined facilities offer 17 berths, heavy load equipment and 2 multi-use 50 ton gantry cranes can be outfitted with various capacity hooks and bulk buckets allowing for the efficient handling of a variety of cargoes including paper, steel, lumber, heavy lifts/project, salt, ores and minerals.

With 2,000,000 sq ft of covered dry storage and ample outside storage, your cargo can be expertly staged prior to distribution after discharge while awaiting delivery. We offer customer access to on-line inventory tracking and quick vessel dispatch and cargo delivery time. 

A well experienced labor force and an extremely industry friendly labor contract with flexible starting times, allows for the safe and efficient handling of your cargoes.